Fume Hood Performance Testing Cart

ICT2 provides the market with the world’s best fume hood performance testing cart to date.

Performing ASHRAE110-2016 (AM, AI, AU) testing requires a range of hardware devices and software. ICT2 makes a portable test cart that comes with everything you need to do the ASHRAE110 -2016 (AM, AI, AU) testing.

This test cart was designed in partnership with Creative Solutions in the US. Chip Albright a world known fume hood expert worked with on every detail and this is the best cart on the market today. We source the best equipment made worldwide and put it all together in a test cart that will deliver world class results.

Training is an essential part of performing the test correctly, so every test cart has a 2-day hands on training included that will result in your becoming certified.

Regardless of your involvement with fume hoods, we can make you an expert in fume hood testing.

ICT2 provides certification services for testers, allowing you to become a certified fume hood tester.

ICT2 is the Chinese partner of the fume hood test network, and all the testers we have trained are eligible to participate in the network.

ICT2 has the first test laboratory in Asia that meets both ASHRAE110 and EN14175 test standards. So, if you need a test lab, we can offer a lease.

Creative Solution’s Chip is our partner and Chip is a world-renowned expert in fume hood and contaminant control. With ICT2, you get all of his services.

Base Fetures

1, SF6 tracer gas detector Q200
2, Computer
3, Test software
4, Argon cylinder with regulator
5, SF6 cylinder with regulator and flowmeter
6, SF6 ejector
7, Data recorder
8, TSI velocity transducer
9, Large smoke generator
10, Small smoke generator
11, Mannequin – mannequin support
12, Ring stand for velocity probes
13. Training and Certification

Note: Other custom accessories are also available depending on your needs.

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