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Testing is critical to fume hood safety.  There are many testing standards, and each has its own set of requirements.  To get a valid test you have to follow the standard exactly.  Sometimes without understanding the intent of the standard and why you are performing a certain test, it is easy to overlook the details. These fume hood testing standards are complicated and often misunderstood.  As a result, much of the testing done today is invalid.

As trainers we aim to make the lab a safer place.  So it is important that we fully understand what we are doing so we can do a professional job.

While there are many people who say they can test a hood, few are doing it correctly with the proper equipment.  Being Certified puts you in a different class and makes you a trusted professional.

Working with ICT2 we offer a number of training and certification programs.  It is our mission to improve the knowledge about fume hoods and how they operate so we can help make labs safer and healthier places. Our goal is to bring China onto the world stage at the same level as North America and Europe.  Given the speed at which the Chinese market is developing, China has the opportunity to leapfrog over legacy and become a world leader in fume hood technology. But education and training are necessary to make that leap.

These training programs were developed with Creative Solutions and ICT2, who does the Certification.  It is an intensive 2 day hands-on training in our test lab. After the training, there is a test and those who pass the test will be certified. Those certified will be listed in our Tester’s Network.

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