• Certification of Those Selling Laboratory Ventilation Products

    Fume Hoods are not stand-alone devices.  They only work when connected to a properly designed and maintained Laboratory Ventilation System.  These systems are generally very complex and must interf...

    10-22-18 admin

  • Rent Our Test Room

    We know that building and equipping a certified test lab is expensive, so we understand why many hood manufacturers don’t have one.  But we also understand how important a good test room is to R&am...

    10-22-18 admin

  • Third Party Testing

    We can provide you with Independent Third-Party Testing of your hoods.  Being a Certified Lab with Certified Testers, we can offer the best testing available in Asia. With our testing you know you ...

    10-22-18 admin

  • Why Test?

    On a worldwide basis there are a number of testing standards.  Each company that sells hoods will tell you that their hoods performs well accordingly to ASHRAE 110 or EN 14175 or some other test st...

    10-19-18 admin


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