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We know that building and equipping a certified test lab is expensive, so we understand why many hood manufacturers don’t have one.  But we also understand how important a good test room is to R&D and verification of performance.  So we have made it easy for you. We will make our lab available to you on a daily basis.

ICT2 has built a Certified ASHRAE 110 Test Lab.  The Lab can be used for R&D purposes or to do AM (As Manufactured) testing of your hoods.  Testing and design assistance is available. Hoods can also be Third Party Certified.  The lab is set up to test to a number of testing protocols, ASHRAE, EN, NIH, EPA and others.

Need help? We can provide technical assistance in the testing and, if needed, we can arrange the expert advice of Chip Albright.

Contact us to learn more about our rental program.

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