ICT2 appeared in the Labtech China 2020, the General Manager talked about fume hood safety

On the morning of November 16, the Analytica 2020 Exhibition was held as scheduled at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The on-site exhibition area of ​​this exhibition exceeded 60,000 square meters. The number of exhibitors and cooperative companies reached 1,121, and the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors has double-digit growth.

Since 2002, every exhibition is a grand event for manufacturers in the fields of analysis, diagnosis, laboratory technology and biochemical technology from major industrial countries around the world to comprehensively display new technologies, products and solutions, which also makes this analysis and the international expo in the field of biochemical technology has become an important indicator of analysis, biochemical technology, diagnosis and laboratory technology in the industry.

“The current exhibition is not only a simple gathering of companies, technologies, products and audiences to share results and experiences, but also a more important meaning in thinking about and collisions with future development, which can help practitioners learn technology and concepts and imagine and look forward to a more far-reaching industry future at the same time.” said Mr.Hehu Lin, GM of ICT2.

As he said, apart from the familiar life science, diagnostics and biotechnology exhibition area, analysis and quality control exhibition area, laboratory general equipment exhibition area, laboratory construction and safety exhibition area, food safety equipment and technology exhibition area, and environmental protection equipment and technology area,such as these six basic exhibition areas, in order to meet the market demand and rapid development of laboratory automation and information technology and laboratory equipment core components, the exhibition newly established a laboratory automation and information technology exhibition area and laboratory equipment core components exhibition area. Come to the laboratory to innovate products and develop technical solutions to promote the intelligent development of the laboratory in the future.

ICT2, which focuses on fume hood testing, is one of the few third-party companies engaged in laboratory fume hood performance testing in China. In 2019, ICT2 finished building the fume hood performance testing laboratory that is the first lab compatible with ASHRAE 110 and EN 14175 standard. And in 2019 and 2020 successively obtained the CNAS and CMA fume hood performance testing qualifications.

In the ICT2 team, there are many international consultants from Europe and the United States supporting experts in the subject field. “It has always been our mission to make the laboratories safer. Now the fume hood system becomes more intelligent. We hope through our efforts, we can always be at the forefront of such inclusive disciplines.” Mr.Hehu Lin said.

In his opinion, because the laboratory ventilation system is very complicated, some laboratories are equipped with the best fume hoods in the world, but in fact these fume hoods are probably not working properly. Even in European and US areas, there are many ventilation systems, but the cabinet is not operating safely.

He said that there were many reasons that may cause this problem, such as unreasonable design of the fume hood, unreasonable laboratory design, unreasonable design or poor maintenance of the laboratory ventilation system, and irregular user practices, which made the laboratory and the personnel also face unsafe and unhealthy conditions.


In addition to providing comprehensive and independent third-party testing and maintenance services for chemical fume hoods, ICT2 also invested several millions in 2018 to establish a world-class fume hood testing laboratory in Shanghai, providing support to fume hood manufacturers who do not have standard laboratories and providing affordable laboratory rental services.

“Not only for testing after installation, but for testing each component of the fume hood in the experiment, it is also important during research and development. We provide economical tests to help fume hood manufacturers.” By making our test laboratory accessible to everyone, we hope to see the fume hoods in the Chinese market have a higher standard of performance.

The Chinese fume hood market is growing rapidly. Chinese manufacturers want to design and manufacture world-class fume hoods. They can do without a standard test environment. The reason why ICT2 has invested heavily in building such a test laboratory is precisely for manufacturing businesses create the best test conditions to promote the rapid improvement of fume hood products in quality and performance.

Although testing is a key factor to improve market conditions, ICT2 also recognizes the importance of training. Through unique training and certification, it helps everyone from cabinet designers, testers and users to receive sufficient training to enable laboratories environment and experiment personnel are safer.

At this exhibition, ICT2 showed the complete set of software and hardware of ASHRAE 110 and EN 14175, especially the Leakage Scanning Device and Programmable Anti-interference Equipment around the fume hood which are jointly designed with D-Industrial Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The testing device was stopped by many audiences to watch and discuss, and the products received all good praise. This also further proves that ICT2 is constantly exploring in the field of third-party testing, constantly iteratively upgrading the fume hood testing device, and pursuing higher standards to meet the needs of future intelligence, making the enterprise business philosophy “fair, scientific, efficient, and professional” effectively implemented into actual actions.





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