Field Testing of Fume hood

ICT2 offers comprehensive testing, certification and maintenance of chemical fume hoods. All testing is performed in accord with established ICT2 SOPs. Chemical fume hood testing is performed to comply with regulations and standards set forth by OSHA, AIHA/ANSI, SEFA, NEBB and ASHRAE.

Chemical Fume Hood / ASHRAE-110 primary tests include inflow velocity profiling and airflow smoke testing. These tests provide a qualitative analysis of air capture at the face of the unit, thus demonstrating the unit’s exposure prevention effectiveness and ensuring operator safety. Tracer gas tests to comply with ASHRAE Standard 110 provide quantitative data evaluating the containment performance of fume hoods.

Additional testing options include:

Calibration and testing of airflow monitors

Local and large volume smoke visualization testing

Cross-draft testing

VAV (variable air volume) testing

Tracer gas containment testing

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