User Training and Certification

You may not have thought about this but you, as a user, are a critical part of the laboratory ventilation system.  When you are working in and around a fume hood, your actions and work practices have a huge impact on how well the fume hood performs.  Understanding how the hood works means you are better able to work safely around it.

We want you to be safe and healthy, so we feel that it is very important for fume hood users to be trained on good work habits.  This will not only make you safer but will increase your value because everyone wants their employees to be safe.

Unless the user understands how to work in a way that maximizes the performance of the fume hood, there is a good probability that safety will be compromised. Understanding how the hood works and how to use it properly is critical to safe usage. We teach you how the hood works and what you need to do to maximize its safe operation.  Learning how to work safely in a fume hood will make you safer and reduce the health risks caused by loss of containment.

Our one-day hands-on program will give you a chance to see how your work habits influence the hood’s ability to perform. Contact us to start learning how to be safer and healthier in your lab.

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